My Work Flow

I am a creative user experience designer who has experience working with clientes in diverse industries and interdisciplinary teams. I am passionate about applying cognitive science knowledge and user research to assist in the design and development of products and services that meet the needs of their target users.


I believe any successful business or enterprise needs to have a holistic and comprehensive approach toward User Experience.

Every project and company has unique needs and goals. The work I do and the process I follow depend on what those goals and needs are, as well as the stage in which the project is at the moment I get involved. However, I generally break down my work into four stages;

  1. Feasibility Analysis,

  2. R&D,

  3. Production,

  4. and Market Release.

As shown in the image below;


The Feasibility Analysis stage consists in carrying out research and studies to determine the financial, technical, legal, policital, and/or commercial viability of producing and offering a product or service in any given market or demography. If the client has already done a feasibility study, or otherwise does not require one, then I may skip this stage and focus on another part of the process.

The R&D stage consists in either establishing Development Strategies to make a product or service feasible, or Designing the product or service —or specific aspects of a product or service.

During the Agile Scrum Production stage, I work with Engineers, Artists, and other Designers carrying out QA and User Tests to provide ongoing feedback on the various product iterations and features being produced and developed, and to ensure the project remains relevant and on the right path to meet the needs of its target users.

For a Market Release stage, I work with Engineers, Artists, and other Designers carrying out post-production QA and User Tests to provide feedback on the various product and service updates and fixes that may be needed. I also work with Public Relations and Graphic Designers to help embody a proper product and service image and identity for marketing, and to come up with user base and community building strategies and plans.

The following diagram depicts some of the questions I tend to ask and seek to resolve during the process, and is a detailed visualization of the overall workflow for all of the stages and the relationship between each step of the process:

Please contact me to learn more about my methodology and work flow / process.

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